What’s Your Vibe? Out Now! | Craig David

What’s Your Vibe? Out Now!

It’s been an incredibly special journey creating my 1st ever book ‘What’s Your Vibe?’ 📚❤️

Being able to bring back some of the amazing moments we’ve all shared together so far, while reflecting on the life lessons and struggles I’ve had to overcome personally along the way, I feel now was the perfect time to ground it all in something tangible for you to enjoy💫

By pouring my heart out in my 1st ever book I hope ‘What’s Your Vibe?’ will resonate with you in the same way it does with me and hopefully bring some light and positivity into your life as we navigate this beautiful thing called life 🌿🌕🏆

All my love, CD. xxx

What’s Your Vibe? is OUT NOW HERE ✨💫